Artifacts in the new Treasure Seekers gallery date back to the 1600s and include navigational tools, weaponry, pottery and other items recovered from Florida waters.

Ship's Bell

17th Century , Bronze, 7 Lbs. Used to signal the time of day, shift changes, or meal time on board the ship. It would likely have been the last sound heard as the ship was sinking.


17th Century , Bronze, 6 inches in diameter, 5.5 Lbs. Used to find the angle of celestial bodies to determine latitude. This artifact is extraordinary and rare, it will be one of only one-hundred in museum collection.


17th Century , Half dipped green glaze jug, 6 inches tall. The collection includes a wide variety of original tableware and pottery recovered from shipwrecks.


18th Century , made of iron, 6 feet long. Recovered from a 2,000 ft deep shipwreck in the Mediterranean. This 18th Century cannon was likely used on a Barbary pirate vessel.

The new gallery will feature 400-year-old artifacts from shipwrecks discovered off of Florida’s coast and from a ship that sank in 1622 while en route to Venezuela in the Tortugas. The artifacts include a cannon, an astrolabe, pottery, a ship’s bell and more.

The Touchton Map Library will be home to more than 6,000 original maps, charts and other documents dating back to the discovery of the New World.  And thousands of additional maps housed at USF Libraries
The Touchton Map Library/Florida Center for Cartographic Education will be the only cartographic center in the Southeastern United States, one of only nine in the U.S.

Map Gallery

The collection includes thousands of maps and documents spanning five centuries. Here are a few examples.